Men and women who have experienced hip pain strive to find relief from the pain for which hip replacement surgeries appear to be the best solution they are looking into. However, for a Pennsylvania man who is seeking compensatory damages and claiming he had a defective DePuy Pinnacle implant, his artificial hip was a nightmare, news reports say. Filed in the United States District Court of the Northern District of Texas on February 12, 2013, this case  added another color in the tapestry of complaints against Johnson & Johnson. Now it is among the thousands of pending cases the global pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing giant. The plaintiff feels that the manufacturer sold defective implants and he has developed metal poisoning because of the hip device. There is no news of product recall from the manufacturer yet, but the plaintiffs are hopeful that in the future it might be possible to prevent others from experiencing the same pain.


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Pennsylvania Man Files Lawsuit Against DePuy for Pinnacle Hip Failure


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